All info about CPA Marketing

Many people say “brother writes about CPA marketing” “How does brother CPA marketing?” Hein Tan Habi JU has asked many questions. Today, I’m just writing for them. InshaSah Allah will try to finish as much as we know today. I hope to read the full text and comment. Please do not comment, brother please. If things are not clear, comment will be as easy as you can. Then start the discussion?

First of all, what is CPA marketing?

An important part of affiliate marketing is CPA marketing. CPA’s Bengali money comes from “Cost Per Action”. This is a new advertising payment model, whose payments depend on some work

Is given. It could be “Registration, Email Submitted, Pin Submitted or DoneLoad. I mean? Once again, understand that CPA marketing is such a type of affiliate marketing, through which you can sell a product, as well as small tasks such as email submission, zip code submission, download etc. That is why it is called Cost Per Action that means you get commission if any action is full. You all know Amazon or Clickbank. Promote the product of revenue by revenues and income can be earned. But c. P. At Marketing is much easier and much less work than that. I hope there is no doubt.

What can be done under CPA marketing?

01.  Affiliate Marketing / Pay Per Sale (PPS / CPS)

0. Pay Per Lead (PPL)

03. Pay Per Download (PPD)

04. Revenue Share

05. There can be a lot more.

To know more about this, you first need to know, “Why do all affiliate marketers like CPA marketing?”

Why affiliate marketers prefer CPA network?

According to me, the big international-level affiliate marketers like CPA marketing and work there and do a very good job. Those who are affiliate marketing, know that Pratti is an affiliate of the Affiliate Marketplace, with a product of Sales Refund. This means that if you sell a product, your customer gets 30 to 60 days to verify the product and check the value. If their product does not look good then they can take back the money.

Now if your customer takes the money back then you get commission of that cell? No, do not get it. Because the owner of the product has no profit from that cell. That’s why he can not even give you a commission. And if the product has a 60 days money back guarantee, then 59 days even if the customer takes the money back, you are not getting commission. In the CPA marketplace, this money refund option offers very few offers, so if you sell a product, the fear of losing that commission is very low.

What is the offer in CPA marketing?

In the case of CPA marketing, we think that CPA marketing is just about submitting an email or downloading a file. Those large marketers do not promote this $ 1 dollar offer. They actually work on sales or trial offers. Because the offer of paid campeen with a $ 1 dollar offer is really a lot of risk work.

Those are the simple offers offered at CPA marketing, such as, a link to a website will tell you and tell you to visit Visitors from USA, and register us at this link and register. If someone is registered with you then you will be given a commission, for that registration. It could be 1 dollar to 10/20 dollars. Understand the matter?

Can I learn CPA marketing?

Yes, you can. However, the following topics are required.

1. The Internet has minimal knowledge

2. Who is willing to earn from online

3. Who can give 3 to 4 hours of computer time

No degree-based courses are required for 1 year or 6 months to learn Affiliate or CPA marketing. Better than a 2 or 3 month course from any IT firm!

(CPA) marketing will be needed!

Web site

(CPA) You need to have a web site!

Many people will be frustrated by hearing this! But there is nothing to be disappointed. You can also (CPA) marketing just by opening a blog site. Or you can (CPA) marketing with a sub-domain of a web site (which can be opened at free of charge)!

Why Learn CPA Marketing?

Because, you can earn only one CPA marketing without any hassle.

CPA marketing does not mean employment under anybody. It’s your own business, where you can hire another job!

The main thing is that you can give a CPA firm and learn CPA marketing.

It is much better to market yourself than find work at different market places. I said wrong?

How much money can be earned from CPA?

It depends on how much income you want to earn on the target. Your income will be as high as possible to increase your investment. But you can also earn money without investing. If you have the desire and hard work, you can earn an average of 20 to 200 dollars a day. Now you have to calculate yourself monthly. Break my calculator.

How to get payment from CPA Market?

CPA Marketplace usually has 3 types of payment systems. You can take it through check check, PayPal can take you through PayPal, Pioneer card can be used by the prepaid Master Card by Payoneer, Bank Transfer can take you through, There is no problem with Electronic Funds Transfer.

Come to the real point, now you have to find “Profitable Nice Content”

In the beginning, most people choose Evergreen or evergreen content. Because the market of such content will never lose and always be of equal benefit. The evergreen content is meant to refer to content like health advice, investment strategies, marketing strategies, relationship counseling and rupture. Although those who work on such content, there is diversity in everyone’s work. However, there are many benefits to benefit from Evergreen content. We have to find them.

In today’s future, I will write again as Insha Allah. Until then everyone will be good. Do not forget to share if you like it. Hafiz, like Asjoka, is coming